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Recognized by RGHUS, Bengaluru & Govt of Karnataka Affiliated to NCISM, New Delhi



Dr. N. A. Magadum

President SGE Society Ankali Ex CCIM Member, New-Delhi

President's Message

With growing popularity and acceptance of Ayurveda, the native system of medicine in prevention as well as treatment of various diseases, the interest in pursuing career in this ancient system of holistic medicine has also plunged as compared to earlier times. Ayurveda is derived from Vedas, often expressed as Panchama Veda. The science is well recognized by the Government of India and Ayurveda education is governed by the National Commission for Indian System of Medicines Bill 2020 under the ambit of Ministry of AYUSH. The knowledge as witnessed by sages was transformed from generations primarily through oral recitation and through traditional teaching methods. With advancement in technology, global interest and spread of this valuable medical science to every nook and corner of the globe in successfully handling most of the chronic, challenging health conditions; the system has regained its lost glory due to attacks by foreign invaders repeatedly. Ayurveda is currently taught as an undergraduate program of five and half years and further post graduate program in various specialties for three years is also conducted through All India Ayurveda Post Graduate Entrance Test by National Testing Agency.
Establishing a Health Care Institution after catering to the rural population for around 40 years is a dream comes true. Having run the Ayurveda Medical College for last four years with its first batch about to fly with colors and serve the public, we vision to expand the intake to 100 UG seats and start new Post Graduate Departments in coming days.

With warm greetings…

Smt. L. N. Magadum

Treasurer Shree Gomatesh Education Society, Ankali

The words of wisdom by treasurer

Six pillars of education are Spirituality, Science, Service, Culture, Character and Concentration. We at SGES Educational institutions strive hard to infuse these into the young minds of our students. Ayurveda being very ancient and a true science of life, recognizes both preventive and curative aspects of treatment. Anyone who adopts Ayurvedic lifestyle are bestowed with fantastic health, happiness and long life. I wish everyone who chooses to become Ayurvedic health professional will experience best of the traditional health education, highly skilled training during practical and clinical classes by our competent and professional teaching staff. Best wishes to their future education at SGES Ankali and welcome you to
Gomatesh family of ANKALI.

Shri. Suresh B. Chougule

Secretary SGE Society, Ankali

Message from Secretary

The roots of the education are bitter but its fruit is sweet. There’s no shortcut for the success, the only path is hard through work. We endeavor to support the hard working minds of new generation to build the medical creativities. Our College provides all the amenities for the students to enlighten their minds and fly out with the colorful futures and to build a strong nation in this competitive world. We, at SGES are committed to offer the best in class academic services to the students and institutes to
enhance the delight of society. We always welcome and quickly respond to new suggestions and innovative ideas to upgrade the quality of education at SGES campus. If you desire to know more, kindly visit us.

Dr. Harshavardhan N M

Medical Director: MBBS (MD Medicine)

Ayurveda: A holistic health science

Healthcare system in India is primarily a responsibility of state to raise nutritional level and improvement of public health. Central government has integrated healthcare system delivery through National Rural Heath Mission to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare services to rural population especially the vulnerable groups. India has been ranked 112 out of 190 countries by WHO in 2000 report. 70% of the population still
lives in rural areas and has no or limited access to healthcare services. Rural population mostly relies on traditional healthcare system such as Ayurveda; recognized with holistic approach to healthcare and personalized medicine. Ayurveda has ability to efficiently treat chronic diseases untreatable by mainstream medicines. This may also be due to high cost of new drugs and microbial resistance to opt for Ayurvedic healthcare system. In this era of globalization there are many challenges before Ayurveda such as standardization, Intellectual Property Rights, branding and even Pharmacological and Pharmacovigilance of drugs, therapies which need to be explored to ascertain better quality of medicines and therapy through apt researches.
We at SGES’s Dr.NAM AMCH & RC Ankali, try to address these challenges by documentation of traditional knowledge and practices with augmented regulation of safety and efficacy of drugs with well established college, hospital and research infrastructure that would bridge this gap to recognize Ayurveda as complete holistic healthcare system comprising physical, psychological, philosophical, ethical and spiritual health.
With best wishes to all the lovers of this system seeking admission to become a truly medical professional.