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On the occasion of International Yoga Day our institution organised the “YOGA FESTIVAL “which was celebrated from 4th June to Monday, 21st June 2021.

Yoga festival include,

  • Online yoga class for all BAMS students
    • Offline yoga session for teaching and non-teaching staff
    • “Yoga with family” competition
    • Essay competition on  “yoga and COVID 19

1) Daily Online Yoga sessions for students

From 5/5/21 to 21st June 2021 online yoga session organised by dept. of Swasthavritta and Yoga where student were joined from home in zoom meeting. We made two groups Batch A and Batch B. daily online yoga session was conducted by Dr. Pooja Mahajan. In this COVID 19 pandemic, to maintain social distancing, as this is a lockdown time so mainly to avoid lifestyle disorders we made a online sessions for students to maintain their health and boost immunity. 

Batch A is 1st year and 2nd year BAMS students- 116 students

Batch B is 3rd year and 4th year BAMS students- 118 students

Time: 7-8am

Total sessions conducted: 41 sessions

Total students attended yoga class: 2223 students

2) Offline yoga session for teaching and non-teaching staff

Daily offline yoga session from 12:30 -1pm organised by dept. of Swasthavritta and Yoga and conducted to all teaching and non-teaching staff. Yoga session was taken by Dr Pooja Mahajan. This session is arranged to maintain health of teaching staff and to reduce stress level in teaching and non-teaching faculty

Total sessions conducted: 13

3) yoga with family competition

In this competition students are informed to send photo/ video of yoga with their family. This was arranged to create awareness about yoga in family members.

Total 11 students participated in this competition

4) Essay competition on “Yoga and COVID 19”

Here total 14 students were participated in this online essay competition. This was held on 18/06/21. This program is arranged to boost the knowledge about yoga and COVID 19.

International yoga day: 21st June 2021

On this occasion the program was scheduled from 7:30 to 2pm,

Program schedule

7:30- 9:30 – yoga session

9:30-10:30 – breakfast

10:- 2pm – stage program for international yoga day

On the occasion of 7th International Day of Yoga celebration our institute organised event on 21st june 2021 in which respected chairman Dr. N. A. Magadum Sir, Guest shree Pradeep  Shetti, beloved Principal Dr Ghanti, CBSE school principal, nursing college principal, all the teaching and non-teaching staff and students were involved in this celebration. we will attach the PPT of international yoga day to it.

This was the celebration we celebrated at our college.